NxStage Medical NxStage to expand into peritoneal dialysis, open more care centers in 2014

With Medicare offering financial incentives in the end-stage renal disease payment bundle to expand …

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DC at Night02
Future Dialysis Cuts Reduced and Oral-only Drugs Remain under Part D until 2024

(National Kidney Foundation) On Monday March 31, 2014, the Senate passed legislation that avoids sub…

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Greg Collette
Help redesign Peritoneal Dialysis

(Big D and Me blog) Christine from the University of New South Wales emailed me a couple of weeks ag…

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David Rush
Come Learn about Home Dialysis – Chicago Area

Come learn how home dialysis can provide a longer and better quality of life.  This is a special ev…

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Henning’s Corner of the World: Shotgun Dialysis vs. Healthy Dialysis

Here in Denmark where I live (most of the time and officially) many, if not all, doctors dealing wit…

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