Treatment Supply Checklist for Travel

I suggest packing a separate large ziploc bag of supplies for each treatment planned during your vacation. (Some centers will include these in your supply orders, so ask.) Then all you have to do is grab the bag for that day’s treatment and set up and go. Amount of supplies will vary depending on patient preference. Also pack one extra bag and a bag of spare supplies, such as gloves, tape etc…accidents to do happen, and you don’t want to be short! Customize this list for your own treatment, and then use it as a guide when travelling.

Treatment Supply List:

  • Saline – 1 bag
  • Drain line
  • Warmer line(s)
  • Gauze – 5 each
  • Betadine – 2 each
  • Alcohol Preps – 4 each
  • Coban Tape – 1 strip
  • 10 ml syringes – 3 each
  • Heparin and syringe
  • Superstopper – 1 pkg
  • Buttonhole Needles – 1 set 15 gauge
  • Glove – 1 each
  • 2-4 chux
  • Tape roll (transfer to next tx bag)
  • “s” hooks for hanging bags
  • Emla cream
  • Trash bag(s)
  • Clorox wipes or other disinfectant
  • Small travel toolkit, with wrench, screwdriver and flashlight, because you just never know!

Whatever non sterile supplies are left over from that day’s treatment I just toss into the bag of spare supplies. Anything needed for the next treatment, such as Emla and Heparin, I toss into the next treatment day’s bag.

Carry on Bag

  • All medications
  • 1 treatment bag (in case your luggage is lost)
  • Copy of DOT Regs
  • or Clinic vacation orders (I was asked for this to prove I was the patient shipping my supplies!)
  • Handicap sticker if you plan to rent a car (also use it for pre-boarding)

If you see something missing feel free to email  so we can update the list.