I’m Free!

by Henning Sondergaard… So I made it home. I am officially on home hemodialysis and what a relief from the in-center – even if it was limited care it was still wa-a-ay too much hospital with really, really sick people all over around us. How anybody can ever get the idea to move a limited […]

Italy with NxStage

By Sharon Whipkey… I sit in my daughter’s living room in Milan, Italy watching four boys, two of which are my grandsons, playing on the Wii.  It is a small miracle to be a dialysis patient and travel any where without going in-center for therapy.  Listening to the excitement the boys show for virtual games […]

Choosing Home Hemodialysis

Sharon describes some of the benefite of Short Daily. Editor’s Note: Most home dialyzors do short therapy, but research has shown that longer sessions are better. Longer sessions allow for a much more gentle and slower therapy. In addition, certain solutes take more time to be removed, thus allowing for more normalized markers without the […]