Resource Links, Courtesy of Kidney Beans

February 26, 2018: please visit our new Resources page with updated links

Thanks to Amy Staples at Kidney Beans for the following links:

Facebook Support Group for Care-partners for Home Dialysis Closed group: 

Care-Partner “care”:

Dialysis Access (fistula) explained: 

Kidney Community Emergency Response information: 

Dialysis Technician requirements by state: 

Medication assistance: 

Online resource, Restless Legs (Willis-Ekbom Disease):

Caregivers Support Website:

Online resource:

Living Donors Online Message Board:

Facebook Support Group, I Hate Dialysis, Open:

Facebook Support Group, Home DialysisCentral, Closed:

Facebook Support Group, Polycystic Kidney Disease Cysterhood, Closed:

Medical Education Institute’s Life Options:

Home Dialysis Central:

Home Dialysis Alliance:

Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation:

Living Kidney Donor Search:

National Kidney Donor Registry:

Donating medical supplies:

Renal Support Network:

The National Kidney Foundation:

The ESRD Kidney Networks:

The American Association of Kidney Patients:

The Sepsis Alliance:

“Help, I Need Dialysis!” BOOK: 

Great information about kidneys: 

Great blog on HDCentral about “compliant”:

Website by Dr. John Agar:

Womens only Renal Support group on Facebook:  

Facebook Support Group, Home Dialyzors United,Open:

Facebook Support Group, Closed:

Facebook Support Group, Closed:

Tegaderm dressings for those with sensitive skin:

Smoothie recipe book for renal and heart health: 

Financial Assistance for Recipients:

Help for finding a living donor:

Help for finding a living donor:

Help for finding a living donor or becoming one:

Emergency Medical Emblems:

Emergency Medical Bracelets, silicone bands:  

Kidney Care Partners, Kidney Patient Advocacy: 

Customized Silicone Wristbands:

Financial Assistance for Living Donors:

Financial Fundraising Assistance:

RSN Jewelry for a cause: 

Kidney Themed items for sale:

Kidney Themed Jewelry (bravelets):

Kidney Awareness Magnet: 

Kidney Disease Awareness Bracelets: 

Dialysis CLOTHING, Ronwear: 

American Kidney Fund: 

Quick Release Tourniquet: 


Dialysis Arm Bands — Protect your access:   

Cotton ball stoppers when removing needles. 

Home Dialyzors United Website: 

Alliance for Paired Donation: