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American Kidney Fund launches campaign to help new dialysis patients adjust to treatment

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The American Kidney Fund has started an education campaign that provides information for people newly diagnosed with kidney failure, their caregivers, and the professionals involved in their treatment. The campaign, called “FIRST30,”focuses on the first 30 days of dialysis treatment.

“For people newly diagnosed with kidney failure, the first months of dialysis treatment are an enormously challenging time,” said LaVarne A. Burton, president and CEO of the American Kidney Fund. “Our FIRST30campaign aims to provide easy-to-understand, supportive resources that make navigating the process easier for those feeling overwhelmed by their new situation.”

A central component of the campaign is to help patients understand, manage and accept their treatment, AKF said.

The campaign has tools and resources for patients and the professionals who care for them:

  • A checklist that breaks down the priority items to consider week-by-week such as coping with the diagnosis, diet adjustments, understanding dialysis treatment and where to turn with specific questions.
  • A series of videos featuring kidney patients and renal professionals talking about adjusting to life as dialysis patients.
  • An online continuing education course for allied health professionals, “Helping Your New Patients and Their Loved Ones Adjust to Dialysis,” due to launch in early 2017.
  • Posts on AKF’s blog, Kidney Today.
  • Social media discussions and posts on successful adjustment to dialysis tied to campaign elements using the hashtag #FIRST30.
  • A web landing page with week-by-week information, videos and additional resources on all aspects of adjusting to dialysis.

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