Nephrology News & Issues article “NxStage, Dialyze Direct to offer dialysis to SNFs in Ohio”

NxStage, Dialyze Direct to offer dialysis to SNFs in Ohio

NxStage Medical, Inc., through its Kidney Care subsidiary, is partnering with Dialyze Direct to provide System One dialysis machines for treating nursing home patients in Ohio.

Dialyze Direct provides staff-assisted home hemodialysis to patients in skilled nursing facilities in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. The contract with NxStage to provide dialysis care in Ohio SNFs began on Aug. 10 at the Eastbrook Healthcare Center in Cleveland.

“Our mission is to deliver innovative and compassionate dialysis care to geriatric patients in skilled nursing facilities and we realized we needed an alternative strategy to meet the growing demand for our services in certain states such as Ohio where we do not yet have an operating presence,” said Henry Kauftheil, chairman of Dialyze Direct.

“We believe the SNF market represents an opportunity to improve outcomes and quality of life for skilled nursing patients, as well as to improve overall costs of care, by reducing transportation costs and re-hospitalization rates,” said Jeff Burbank, CEO and founder of NxStage Medical.

DialyzeDirect says it is aiming to provide services in 12-15 SNFs in Ohio within the next 12 months, with between 100 and 150 patients undergoing treatment. The company says this would include new patients as well as others currently being treated at outpatient facilities.

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