HDU Leadership

If you are very involved in the renal community and dedicated to the advancement of home therapies, we would like to invite you to consider applying to participate in the leadership of the Home Dialyzors United organization.

Our leadership roles offer many levels of involvement: oversight at the Board of Directors level, Committee work in an area specific to your interest, such as Membership, Fundraising and Development, Programs and Services, Communications, Annual Conference, and Industry Relations.  Your background and experience could significantly help further the aims of Home Dialyzors: perhaps your expertise is in Public Relations, Advocacy or Education.  There are many ways you could help make a difference in the lives of home patients and their families and care partners through working more extensively with this organization in any one of these capacities.

If you are interested, please complete the attached HDU Leadership Application; please know that we would welcome your involvement, but also be aware that these are working roles and so regular connection with the Board or Committee you serve on is required.

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