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Welcome to HDU Buddies.  Some times we all need a little help.  Some one to talk to, someone to share with, or just someone to answer a question.  Whether you are a Dialyzor, a care partner, or a family member affected by dialysis, the ability to reach out to someone that shares our concerns and daily issues can make all the difference.  Someone that knows what we are going through, and someone that can help without judgement.   That is where HDU BUDDIES came from.

Burn out is a real part of Dialysis, and can often be mitigated by simply talking to another person that understands what we are going through, and can help with “those” days.

HDU BUDDIES has been developed over the last year to help with those concerns, and is now a nationwide network of Dialyzors and Care Partners that communicate with each other for each others mutual well being.  We offer different categories of BUDDIES in an attempt to meet your specific needs.

Someone with a common situation to yours.  We match Dialyzors with Dialyzors, Care Partners with Care Partners, and hopefully two or three Buddies that share your common interests and issues.

New to dialysis, or home dialysis?  Then a mentor may be for you.  Someone that has been doing this for a number of years, and has faced and conquered the issues that you are facing now and is willing to help.

We do at times lose a Dialyzor, and at these times the care partner and family members need some extra help.  We have members that have been through this, and are willing to help.

To be paired up with a Buddy, a Mentor, or a grief partner, simply fill out the BUDDY REQUEST FORM that follows, and you will be contacted shortly to put you together with your new Buddies.

HDU Buddies Program

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