Henning’s Corner of the World: HHD Red Flags

At the conference in Orlando last month there were many interesting speakers. There were patients talking about their experiences with home dialysis, there were doctors talking about many different subjects and some industry people talking about new technologies. All in all it was interesting and exciting all around. Aaron Battle talked about emergency preparedness, an […]

I’m Free!

by Henning Sondergaard… So I made it home. I am officially on home hemodialysis and what a relief from the in-center – even if it was limited care it was still wa-a-ay too much hospital with really, really sick people all over around us. How anybody can ever get the idea to move a limited […]

Italy with NxStage

By Sharon Whipkey… I sit in my daughter’s living room in Milan, Italy watching four boys, two of which are my grandsons, playing on the Wii.  It is a small miracle to be a dialysis patient and travel any where without going in-center for therapy.  Listening to the excitement the boys show for virtual games […]