HDU Comments on 2017 CMS ESRD Proposed Rule

August 23, 2016 Mr. Andy Slavitt Acting Administrator Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Department of Health and Human Services Attention: CMS-1628-P P.O. Box 8010 Baltimore, Maryland 21244-8010   Re: CMS-1651-P—CMS Proposed Updates to Policies and Payment Rates for ESRD PPS, QIP, Coverage and Payment for Acute Kidney Injury, DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program and Fee […]

NN&I Urea Buildup in Kidney Disease Patients may cause Diabetes

CLINICALDIABETES Urea buildup in kidney disease patients may cause diabetes REBECCA ZUMOFF — AUGUST 17, 2016 iStockphoto A team from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) has discovered a novel link between chronic kidney disease and diabetes. The researchers highlighted the surprisingly toxic role of urea, a nitrogenous waste product normally filtered by […]

NN&I An Inside Look at Telemedicine for Home Dialysis

HOME DIALYSIS An inside look at the UAB home dialysis telemedicine pilot REBECCA ZUMOFF — AUGUST 11, 2016 Getty Images/Hemera/ThinkStock The University of Alabama at Birmingham Medicine’s Red Mountain Home Dialysis Training Unit is piloting a three-year telemedicine trial for peritoneal dialysis patients, funded by a $180,000 grant from Baxter International. Forty patients speak with […]

NN&I Study associates Baxter’s Revaclear dialyzer with less need for ESA’s during hemodialysis

CLINICAL Study associates Baxter’s Revaclear dialyzer with less need for ESAs during hemodialysis NN&I STAFF — JULY 27, 2016 Getty Images/iStockphoto/ThinkStock Baxter International Inc.’s Revaclear dialyzer was associated with lower use of erythropoiesis-stimulating agent, according to an observational cohort study published online in the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Journal. When compared with the […]

NN&I Empowering Patients

KIDNEY CARE COMMUNITY Empowering patients can improve the renal care experience REBECCA ZUMOFF — JULY 25, 2016 Getty Images/iStockphoto/ThinkStock Last month I interviewed Francyne N. Rosenstock, vice president of Business Development and Marketing for Renal Reserve, about the causes of burnout among dialysis nurses. “I think nursing, in general, has a higher burnout rate than […]

NN&I Study on diabetes screening

DIABETES Study finds diabetes screening guidelines miss more than half of high-risk patients NN&I STAFF — JULY 14, 2016 A new study from Northwestern Medicine found that the 2015 diabetes screening guidelines from the United States Preventive Service Task Force missed 55% of high-risk individuals with prediabetes or diabetes. The guidelines recommend patients be screened […]