Sharon’s Story

Sharon’s Symptoms and Therapy Options

Sharon's Story

Diet and Exercise

Choosing Home Hemodialysis

Sharon describes some of the benefite of Short Daily. Editor’s Note: Most home dialyzors do short therapy, but research has shown that longer sessions are better. Longer sessions allow for a much more gentle and slower therapy. In addition, certain solutes take more time to be removed, thus allowing for more normalized markers without the […]

Overcoming Fears

Describing Home Hemodialysis

Care Partner Relationships

Dealing with Fear

Advocating for Your Health Care

Training for NxStage Home Hemodialysis

Editor’s Note: Each person must get training before starting at home. Training will thoroughly take one through the basics, but learning continues after going home.

Importance of Having a Dialysis Care Partner

Sharon describes why it is necessary to have a reliable in-home kidney dialysis partner. Editor’s Note: There are many home dialyzors who are comfortable and competent enough to dialyze solo. In fact, many people who want to do home dialysis are not allowed to because they don;t have a partner. HDU believes people should have […]

Scheduling Dialysis Treatment While Traveling

Listen to Sharon as she talks about traveling with her portable dialysis machine. Editor’s Note: One of the benefits of new portable dialysis machines is it gives a person the freedom to travel.  Whether one is visiting family to going on an exotic cruise, there will not be a need to make appointments at distant […]