Why “Connect”?  Because that’s what Home Dialyzors United is all about.  Whether you’re a dialyzor, care partner, family or friend, nephrologist, nurse, renal social worker, or dietician, we want you to connect.

From our earliest days all we cared about was supporting and caring for our fellow dialyzors and care partners.  As we grew, we continued to connect with each other more and more in different ways and venues.  From our old Listserv to a website to Facebook, we graduated to the social  media scene reaching more and more people.  And different people from groups other than patients and care partners. 

We connected further with the first Freedom Cruise to the now popular annual Meet Ups and Conferencess.  The conferences have allowed us to collaborate with nephrologists, nurses, renal social worker and dieticians, and renal administrators so each can learn from another.

The future looks even brighter as we expand our connections.  Soon a newly branded Buddy System will emerge which will connect more and more people from more modalities and machines to people at different paths along the long road of kidney failure.  We’ll see the use of better technology so people can connect to more education and advocacy.

So please come along and grow with us.  Please simply “connect”.